Author’s Biography

Vlatko potpis s

At day, and during the working days, Vlatko Miloševski is computer science professional with more than 25 years’ experience working with embedded systems, consumer electronics, mobile communications and advanced research. He got his Electrical Engineering diploma from the University of Sts. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, Macedonia in 1994 and a Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering diploma from the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA in 1999.  He worked in a variety of companies and situations: from startups and academy to multi-national giants, as a researcher, engineer, architect, technical marketing manager, product manager, business developer and sales assistant. Today, Vlatko Miloševski assumes a position of Senior Business Development Manager at IMEC research organization in its office at the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

At night and during the weekends, Vlatko Miloševski is a passionate fine art hunter and collector. He spends his hobby time in searching for a hidden art gems, weather in the physical world, (by attending local auction houses, antique fairs, flea markets, second hand curiosa shops, etc.) or in the cyber world (by monitoring auction web sites, online art galleries and museum sales, etc.). He started collecting fine art related to Macedonian region in 2004, by discovering a small collection of Macedonian oil miniatures of Nikola Petkovich from an online attic clearance sale in USA. The excitement and realization that there are priceless art works out there, and an uncharted Macedonian Art History waiting to be written, resulted in 15 years of art collecting & documenting as well as with a sizable private collection of more than 200 original works of art, rare art prints & reproductions and research books covering the work of the foreign artist in Macedonia in the period between 1850-1950.

At day or night and during the working days or weekends, Vlatko is a beloved husband of Marija and father of Sara and Eva, who lighten his life and give him a full support and energy for completing this sizable project, for which Vlatko is deeply grateful.