Émile Gerlach (1875–1952), French

Born on 6th Jan.1875 in Nancy, died on 14th Dec.1952 in Rao l’Etape (Luvigny). Studied at the School of Art in Nancy and later at the School of Fine Art in Paris where he was a student of Luc Olivier Merson. After his art studies, he was recruited for army service, serving in Congo often being sent to explore uncharted territories.  Because of his service he turned to watercolor as his art technique. In 1901 he moves to Spain, where he polishes his technique and starts with exhibition in Parisian galleries.  In 1914 he becomes recruited and sent to Macedonia and Dardanelles. On his return, he takes the direction of the glass making in Arleux. Since 1932 he lived in Luvigny and worked as pre-historian of the Vosges forest.

Emile Gerlach visited Macedonia in 1917, during his military service in the Great War. He was stationed in the Thessaloniki. An example of his Macedonia period is the watercolor “Salonique 1917 Glace del Saint Apotres”, sold via Ebay, in June 2010.

Mile Gerlach 1875-1952 Salonique Juin 1917 Glace del Saints Apotres.

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