Spenser Stanley


Born on 30.06.1891 in Cookham, Berkshire, died on 14.12.1959 in Cliveden, Sir Stanley Spenser is considered as a leading British war painter of the two great wars. His works are primarily associated with religious imagery and is predominantly Surreal in style. Stanley was a pupil at the Slade School of Art at the age of […]

Osborne Malcolm


Born on 1 August 1880 born at Frome, Somerset, died on 22nd September in Kensington, London. Educated at the Merchant Venturers’ Technical College, Bristol. 1901-1906 studied etching and engraving under Sir Frank Short at Royal College of Art, South Kensington. He 1904 published his first etching. During World War I he served in Artists’ Rifles […]

Moss Dennant Sidney


Born in Ipswich and was a painter of landscapes and town scenes in watercolor. He exhibited over 150 works, particularly at the Beaux Arts Gallery, Fine Art Society, Glasgow Institute, The Walker Gallery, Liverpool and in London at the Royal Academy of Arts (RA), Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), Royal Institute of Painters in […]

Maud T. William


English military painter and journalist. Graduated from the Royal Art Academy in London, worked as a painter, illustrator and journalist for the journal “The Graphic”, London and was war correspondent and illustrator for the wars in Armenia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Italy and South Africa. Died on 10th May 1903 in Aden, then a British colony, […]

Matthews Percy


Percy Matthews trained at the Ramsgate School of Art. During World War I Percy served on the Western Front as a Private in the Kentish Buffs, and later in Salonika as a Lieutenant in the Middlesex Regiment. It was in Salonika that he produced his remarkable sketches of scenes and characters from military and civilian […]

Makenzie Sebright Mary Georgina


Also know and lady Georgina Muir Mackenzie, British traveler and illustrator, traveled through the Balkans together with Adelaide Paulina Irby (1831-1911), always accompanied with Turkish armed escorts. Their extensive visit to Macedonia is described and illustrated in her book “The Turks, The Greeks, The Slavons, Travels in the Slavonic provinces of Turkey-in-Europe (1867)”. She wrote […]

Macdonald R.A.

Lieutenant Colonel R.A. Macdonald, illustrator, visited Macedonia in 1917 where he produced several drawings from the Dojran front in 1917. These drawings are together in the collection of Imperial War Museum, London.

Lear Edward


Born in Highgate (London), England on 12.05.1812 ( as 20th from 21 children), died in San Remo, Italy  on 29.01.1885, Edward Lear was an English artist, illustrator, author and poet , renowned for literary nonsense in poetry and prose. His father was a failed stockbroker, and his mother rejected him, such that he was brought […]

Lamb Henry


The son of the mathematician, Horace Lamb, he was born in Adelaide, South Australia, but the family moved to Manchester in 1885. After attending Manchester Grammar School, he started medical training at Owen’s College. In 1905 he left his medical studies and went to London where he entered the Chelsea School of Art. Over the […]

Japp Napier Darsie


Painter of landscapes and figure compositions. Born 17 February 1883 at Liverpool. Educated at St John’s College, Oxford. Worked in his father’s shipping office in the City 1904–7 and attended Lambeth School of Art at night under Philip Connard. Studied at the Slade School 1908–9. Served as Major in the Royal Field Artillery during the […]