Charles-René Darrieux (1879-1958) French

          Charles-René Darrieux is a painter born in July 1879 in Bordeaux and died in May 1958 in Clichy-la-Garenne. He was a student of the famous French painters Fernand Cormon , Marcel Baschet and François Schommer . He won the second Grand Prix de Rome in 1907.He regularly took part in the Salon des Artistes Français of which he became a member in 1909 , receiving an honorable mention in 1906, a 3rd medal in 1910, 2nd in 1924 and 1st in 1927. Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1929.His work remains open to several influences: expressionist and post-impressionism for certain sunny gardens.

          Darrieux visited Macedonia during the Great war, probably in a role of a war painter in the French army of the orient, stationed in Thessaloniki,  where he painted several Thessaloniki and Mount Atos oil on canvas and watercolors in 1917. Few of his works are the oil on canvas titled “Ruelle à Salonique (1917)” (Alley in Thessaloniki 1917) offered for sale by auction house Horta, Brussels , Belgium on 22 March 2021 (lot number 112) and watercolor “Mont Athos, entrée du monastère de Simonos Petra” ( Mount Atos entry into the monastery Simonos Petra) sold by auction house DROUOT-RICHELIEU, Paris, France on 1st April 2016 ( lot number 330). After Macedonia, Darrieux moved to Algeria in 1920, where he painted in orientalist style. 1)

  • Information : Élisabeth Cazenave, La Villa Abd-El-Tif, half a century of artistic life in Algeria 1907-1962, Abd el Tif editions, 1998.
Charles-René Darrieux (1879-1958) “Ruelle à Salonique (1917)” oil on canvas
Charles-René Darrieux (1879-1958) “Ruelle à Salonique (1917)” oil on canvas
Charles-René Darrieux (1879-1958) “Mont Athos, entrée du monastère de Simonos Petra” watercolor
Charles-René Darrieux (1879-1958) “Mont Athos, entrée du monastère de Simonos Petra” watercolor

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