Djordje Andrejevič Kun (1904 – 1964), Serbian

Born 31st March 1904 Breslau, Germany, died 17th January 1964 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, He was a Serbian painter of great renown. He is known as the designer of the Coat of Arms of the city of Belgrade and co-designer (together with Antun Augustincic, in 1946) of the Coat of Arm of the Republic of Macedonia.

Born to Serbian parents in Germany but conducted most of his education in Berlin and Belgrade. He was a graduate of the Belgrade Academy of Art. He further studied in Italy (1926-1928) and Paris, France (1928-1929). In 1931, his design won First Prize for the Coat of Arms of the city of Belgrade, which it remains today. His first exhibitions were in 1931. In 1934, he joined in forming the Život group (AKA Life Group) of Yugoslavian artists. He fought with the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War. From 1941 to 1945, he was a member of the Yugoslav National Liberation forces.

In 1946, his drawings Partisans (Partizani) were awarded the Yugoslav Federation Prize for Graphics, and in 1949, his oil work Witnesses of Horror, the Yugoslav Federation Prize for Painting. In 1951-1953 he belonged to the Independents. In 1945, he became a full professor, of the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and, from 1959-1963, he was Dean of the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Belgrade. In 1950, he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, and in 1958, a full member. From 1957 to 1960, he was president of the Yugoslav Federation of Artists. His works of art can be found in museums in Belgrade. He has three mosaics, one at the War Memorial in Ivanjica, a second on the façade of a public building in Kragujevac and the third at the Holocaust Museum in Paris.

Djordje Andrejević-visited Macedonia after the war, where together with Antun Augustincic designed the Macedonian Coat of Arms. At that time, he painted several impressionistic oils inspired by the ethnicities and the colors of Macedonia. His painting “Macedonian Woman (Makedonka”) was the star painting at his Belgrade exhibition  in 1959. (the painting was sold by the auction house Madl’art Belgrade for 4000 euro on 7th December 2009.)

Djordje Andrejevic Kun (1904 -1964),Macedonian Woman 1946 oil on canvas
Djordje Andrejevic Kun (1904 -1964),Macedonian Woman 1946 oil on canvas
Djordje Andrejevic Kun (1904 -1964), Antun Augustincic (1900-79) ,Macedonian Coat of Arms 1946
Djordje Andrejevic Kun (1904 -1964), Antun Augustincic (1900-79) ,Macedonian Coat of Arms 1946

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