Tomislav Krizman (1882 - 1955), Croatian

Born in Orlovac near Karlovac on 21.07.1882, died in Zagreb on 24.10.1955. Krizman graduated from the Trade School in Zagreb and studied graphics and art from professors Bela Čikoši-Sesi and Menci Clement Crnchić. Between 1903-09 he studied art and drawing at the Art academy in Vienna. There he worked and exhibited with leading Yugoslav artist, like I. Mestrovic, N. Petrovich, Grohar, Jakopich, Jama, Rachki  at Vienna’s Hagenbund and Secession. Later he specialized in Munich. He traveled through Dalmatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia, mainly painting landscapes and cityscapes. Since 1912, Krizman worked in Zagreb, first in the Drawing School and since 1922 he becomes a professor at the Art Academy. Although he produced oil paintings, the most significant part of his work were his etchings and lithographs. He exhibited in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Belgrade, worked in book preparation and printing and was one of the founders of Spring Salon and “Djelo” magazine, as well as the group “Medulić”.


Tomislav Krizman visited Macedonia in several occasions between 1912 and 1922. He produced two maps of Macedonian graphic works published in 1917 and 1918, and one map of Macedonian works was ready for publishing in 1937 but not printed. Krizman etched several magnificent cityscapes of Skopje, Bitola, Ohrid, Tetovo, Veles and scenes with Macedonian peasants. These works are today in the collection of the National and University Library in Zagreb, Croatia, National Museum in Belgrade, Vienna, Munich, Paris and Rome.

Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Street in Ohrid 1926 etching
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Street of King Petar Ohrid 1914
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Square in Ohrid 1922 etching
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Street in Ohrid
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955Bridge in Skopje 1919
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Dushan City Skopje
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Dushan City Skopje
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 City House Bitola 1920
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Street in Bitola
Tomislav Krizman 1882- 1955 Street in Tetovo
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Tetovo 1918
Tomislav Krizman 1882-1955 Street in Veles 1919 color etching

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