Adam Denovan Joseph

Joseph Denovan Adam Jnr (1881-1935) Macedonia Varda front, oil on canvas

Scottish animal painter, son of Joseph Denovan Adam (1841-1896). He worked with his father at Craigmill Farm and became an animal painter. Student at The Glasgow School of art from 1897 to 1899. and  listed in the School’s World War One Roll of Honour. During the World War One, he was obviously stationed with the […]

Augustinčić Antun

Antun Augustinčić (1900-1979) Monument of King Petar and Alexandar in Skopje 1937, bronze

Born on 4th May 1900 in Klanjec, Croatia, died on 10 May 1979 in Zagreb, Croatia, Antun Augustinčić was a prominent Croatian sculptor and one of the leading Yugoslavian artists after the Second World War. His most notable sculptures include the Peace monument which stands in front of the United Nations building in New York […]

Arsenović Nikola

Nikola Arsenović (1823 -1885), Macedonian women, watercolor

Born in Osijek, died in Belgrade. He was a 19th century Serbian tailor, anthropologist and illustrator. As a self-thought painter, he traveled for two decades around Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia, painting folk costumes. In 1868 tried to establish arts & crafts school in Zrenjanin, Ruma and Iriga. In 1873, he offers his vast […]

Armour Denholm George

George Denholm Armour (1884 -1949), Horse and army camp, Salonica 1919, pastel

Animal painter and cartoonist, born at Waterside, Lanarkshire 1864, died in Wiltshire in 1949. Studied at the St. Andrew University and at the School of Art in Edinburgh and at the RSA School. Student of Robert Alexander (1840-1923). In 1910 he studied military equestrian procedures at the Spanish riding school in Vienna. Armour visited Macedonia […]

Argyros Oumbertos

Oumbertos Argyros (1882 -1963), Snowy Village, Macedonia

Born in Kavala in 1882, died in Athens in 1963. He was a major Greek impressionist. Argyros studied at the Art School of Athens in the class of Nikiphoros Lytras. During the World war 2, he was an official government war artist from the Greek-Italian front. His paintings can be found in the Military Museum […]

Andrejevič Djordje Kun

Djordje Andrejevic Kun (1904 -1964),Macedonian Woman 1946 oil on canvas

Born 31st March 1904 Breslau, Germany, died 17th January 1964 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, He was a Serbian painter of great renown. He is known as the designer of the Coat of Arms of the city of Belgrade and co-designer (together with Antun Augustincic, in 1946) of the Coat of Arm of the Republic of Macedonia. Born […]

Amiguet Marcel

Marcel Amiguet (1891-1958), Mazedonische Marktszene mit Bauern vor Moschee (1929)

Swiss painter, traveler, musician and theoretical researcher for music and art. Born on 24-07-1891 in Ollon and died on 10.08.1958in Ollon. After living for many years in Paris, Marcel Amiguet departs on a long journey from 1929 until 1932, travelling through Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Cyclades, Syria, Iraq, Persia, Baluchistan and Kasmir, up to Bombay. […]

Amable Benoist

Benoist Amable (XIX-XX), Kavadar, watercolors (1915)

Very little information can be found about this painting, who lived and worked in Toulouse, France in the period 1900-1940 and who was in the Macedonian front around 1917, where he created a set of watercolors of Kavadarci, Krivolak, Vardar Valley, Thessaloniki and the Greek Macedonian villages. The whole set of watercolors was unfortunately scattered […]

Allfree S. Geoffrey

Geoffrey S. Allfree (1889 -1918), Evacuation from Salonika, 1915, watercolor

Died in a battle in the First world war, Geoffrey Stephen Allfree was a well-known Australian war painter and a lieutenant in the Australian Army. His paintings can be found at the Imperial War Museum London, Alexander Turnbull Library, New Zealand, etc. He visited Thessaloniki region around 1915 where he made the watercolor “The evacuation […]

Aich Richard

Richard Aich 1886 1975-Skopje Ueskueb market 1918 oil on canvas

Born in Geislingen/Steige, died in Ulm, studied art at the Art academy in Munich and Stuttgart. He was a German military painter during the world war one. He started his military campaign as a volunteer in the artillery unit at Italian front, and came to Macedonia in 1916 with the Bavarian Pioneer company unit. There […]