Born Franz

Franz Born 1881 1917 German2

Franz Born is a German painter born in 1881 in Frankfurt. His father, Franz Jakob Bourne, was a sculptor and made the famous fountain in Wiesbaden. He studied painting in Munich in 1904/5 with Professor Fritz Hausmann, and then in Berlin with the famous Louis Corinth. He moved to the Schwalenberg district and is a […]

Brailsford, Henry Noel

Henry Noel Brailsford (1873 –1958), Monastery St. Naum, 1904, photography

Henry Noel Brailsford (25 December 1873 – 23 March 1958) was the most prolific British left-wing journalist of the first half of the 20th century. A founding member of the Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage in 1907, he resigned from his job at The Daily News in 1909 when it supported the force-feeding of suffragettes […]

Benson Olga

Olga Benson (1887-1977) Macedonian Folk Dress, 1930, decoration on 2000 denars bill

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, died in Los Angeles California, USA. Studied art at the Higher Art School in Saint Petersburg. She was a refugee from the Russian civil war and immigrated to Skopje in 1920. She immediately started to Macedonian paint folklore dresses with exceptional quality. The word about her magnificent folklore drawings spread […]

Buzon de Frederic Marius

F.M du Buzon (1879-1958) Landscape in Macedonia 1923

Born on 18 Sep 1879 in La Roque (Bayon sur Gironde) died in Algiers on 26 Nov 1958. He was a French painter with Algerian and Spanish origins (descendant of the famous painter Francisco de Goya). He studied art at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux and National School of Fine Arts in Paris. […]

Brakel van Arnoldus Johannes

Born in Arnhem on 27-April 1923, died in Amsterdam on 8 July 1994). Studied art at the Art school in Arnhem under guidance of Hendrik Valk. Arnold van Brakel visited and spend some several months in Macedonia in the period 1949-1950, after which he returned in Amsterdam as illustrator and commercial artist in the newspaper […]

Boutet de Monvel Bernard

Bernard Boutet du Mondel (1884-1949) Peasants from Macedonia 1916

Son of painter-etcher Maurice Boutet de Monvel and a pupil of Luc-Oliver Merson and Jean Dampt, Bernard Boutet de Monvel exhibited his work at the Salon from 1902. He produced about a hundred stylized and refined color etchings, often featuring Balzac’s Lions and the elegant figures of the Directory period. Besides these evocations of the […]

Burich Narcis

Narcis Burich (1893-1950) Saint Sofia, Ohrid 1930 oil on canvas

Born in Knin on 4th August 1893, died in Zagreb on 13th May 1950. Studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich and Prague in the class of Vlaho Bukovac. He was a teacher for painting in Split and Sarajevo, where he had a private art school. Painted mainly sea scenes, landscapes and still […]

Booth John

John Booth (XIX-XX) Drum dance in Kumanovo , illustration from the “Troubles in the Balkans”

English journalist and illustrator and special correspondent to the newspaper “Graphic” in Macedonia in 1904. The book about his stay in Macedonia called “Troubles in the Balkans” with many pencil and ink drawings from various parts of Macedonia was published by Hurst and Blackett, London in 1905.

Boissonnas Frėdėric

Frederic Boissonnas (1858 -1946) Photos from the book” L’Image de la Serbie » 1919

Important Swiss art photographer who came from artist family from Geneva. In 1887 Boissonnas became a member of the Geneva Photographic Society. He traveled to Greece many times and was hired by the Greek government in the 1910s to create an album entitled “The images of Greece”. His art photographs of Thessaloniki, Skopje, Prilep, Bitola, […]

Bocarić Anastas

Important Montenegrin artist, born in Budva 1864, died in Peraste 1944. He studied art in Athens and Thessaloniki. Lived in Cetinje, worked as a royal court portrait painter. Lived and worked as art teacher in Skopje from 1906 to 1909 after which he moved to Thessaloniki until 1911, where he stayed for one year. In […]