Crnilovic Hristifor

Serbian painter, ethnographer, photographer and soldier, born in Vlasotince, southern Serbia, in 1886. He became interested in traditional culture in his early youth. He had a gift for painting and was educated in the famous school of painting of Rista Vukanovic in Belgrade and then at the Academy in Munich. His first son Aleksandar died […]

Corradi Alfonso

Alfonso Corradi (1889-1972), Macedonia 1918

Italian impressionist born on 8th Feb 1889 in Castelnuovo di Sotti, died in Milan on 4th Feb 1972.  Lived and worked in Milan. Studied at the Academy di Brera 1905-6 and at the studio of the designer Antonio Rovescalli (1905-12). Was military painter in the World War One and visited Macedonia around 1918. Three of […]

Combet Descombes Pierre

Pierre Cobet-Descombes (1885-1966), Woman at the fountain, Thessaloniki 1917 oil on canvas

Born and died in Lyon, Pierre Combet-Descombes is considered as one of the most important French fauvists and very important Lyonnais painter . He studied art at the art Academy in Lyon between 1900-1905. Started to present his work to the art public in Paris and Lyon in 1905. He decorated the Hall of Marriages […]

Clarenbach Max

Born on 19th May 1880 in Neuss, died on 9th July 1952 in Wittlaer. As an extremely talented for art, he was noticed at the age of 13 by the famous German painter Achenbach and admitted at the fine Art Academy in Dusseldorf. He studied under guidance of Heinrich Lauenstein and Artur Kampf and later […]

Chowne Gerard


Born in India 1875, died in Salonika, Macedonia in 1917. Studied art at the Slade School 1893-9 and also in Paris and Rome. Teacher of painting at Liverpool University 1905-8, founder of Sandon Studios Liverpool. Chowne visited Macedonia during the Great War, where he was drafted as Captain in the 9th East Lancs Regiment. He […]

Chokanov Denyo Denju

Danyo Chokanov (1901-1982),Ohrid 1942 oil on canvas

Born on 12th September 1901 in the town of Tarnovo. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Sofia, art of painting in 1926. His instructor was Prof. Dimitar Gyudgenov. He took part in artistic exhibitions in Bulgaria. He had individual exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. He worked landscapes and figurative compositions. Passed away in […]


Cermak, View of Berovo, ~1910 oil on canvas

Unidentified artist, likely Czech or Slovakian School. He visited Macedonia around 1910 where he made the cityscape of the town of Berovo. This painting has been signed and described at the back (Berovo, Macedonia) and was sold via the auction house Olaf Sigalas in Hildrishuizen, Germany on 22-07-2008.

Cekli Nazmi

Important Turkish impressionist. Born in Izmir, lived in Monastir (Bitola) Macedonia in 1909. He participated in the Great War and the Turkish Independence War.

Castaing Renė-Marie

Rene MarieCastaing (1896-1943) Memoier od the dead 1914-1918, oil 1919

Born on 16th December 1896 in Pau, died on 8th December 1943 in Pau. Stаrted to exbibit at the Sаlon of French Artist in 1913. Joined the French army as a volunteer and served in Champagne, Loire and Macedonia. In 1919 he won a war medal for bravery and gratitude for his military service with […]

Calvert Charles

Charles Calvert(1821-1877) Scenes from Bitola, Album of photos and drawings, 1865

British diplomat, photographer and illustrator. Served as British consul in Bitola (Monastir) from 1860 until the closure of the British consulate in 1872. Before Macedonia, he served as British diplomat in Damascus and Beirut in 1850, later moved in Thessaloniki in 1856 and finally to be settled in Bitola. Charles Clavert produced a rare album […]