Klein Roelof

Roelof Klein (1915-1981) Houses in Ohrid watercolor

Born on February 6, 1915 in Leeuwaarden, died on November 15, 1981 in Haarlem, The Netherlands. He was autodictat (self-educated) painter who developed unique expressionistic style with cubistic elements. Mainly worked with watercolor and pencil. Member of several Haarlem art groups, like “Kunst is Onze Doel” and “De Groep”. He was a painter, sculptor and […]

Mengels ‘Ber’ Mengels


Born on 06.05.1921 in Heerlen, died on 19.06.1995 in The Hague. He was a self-thought painter. He worked as a coal miner working in the coal mines in Heerlen until the Second World War. He attended some drawing lessons at the art school in Heerlen. In 1943 he went hiding in order to avoid the […]

Korthals Jan


Born on 01.05.1916 in Amsterdam, he was described as the “last Amsterdam impressionist”. At the age of 19, he became a member of the influential Amsterdam art group “Saint Lucas”. Studied at the Antwerp Art Academy, and was a student of the famous Dutch painter M.H. Macenzie. After the W.W. 2, he moved to Switzerland […]

Brakel van Arnoldus Johannes

Born in Arnhem on 27-April 1923, died in Amsterdam on 8 July 1994). Studied art at the Art school in Arnhem under guidance of Hendrik Valk. Arnold van Brakel visited and spend some several months in Macedonia in the period 1949-1950, after which he returned in Amsterdam as illustrator and commercial artist in the newspaper […]