Gutman D.W.E.

D.W.E Gutman XIX-XX Her Majesty-Hospital-Ship Lanfranc off Salonika Mount Olymp in the back

Little known British painter, however he is listed in the fine art lexicons and known to the auction houses across Europe. He served in the British army in Salonika in 1917 where he painted the hospital ship, “Lanfranc” sailing off Salonika with Mount Olympus is in the background. Lanfranc had accommodation for 403 wounded. It […]

Goulden Jean


Born on June 14th, 1878 in Charpentry, died in Rhemes on November 14th 1946. Jean Goulden was a Doctor of Medicine, painter and designer particularly known for his splendid enamels. He was first married with Sybille Bullock-Haal, and later in 1925 with Dolly Schmied a daughter of the well-known painter Francois-Louis Schmied (1873-1941) with whom […]

Gordon Jan

Jan Gordon 1882-1944 Column wearing ammunition Skopje 1915

He was born at Finchampstead as Godfrey Jervis Gordon, and educated at Marlborough College and Truro School of Mines. He was a painter, lithographer, and etcher, and exhibited his work in Britain, Europe, and America. But he was also an art critic, who wrote for The New Witness, The Observer and Athenaeum, and Land and […]

Goodman Reginald John

John Reginald Goodman 1870-1962 View of a military camp in the valley to Vardar 1916 watercolor

Born in St Albans in Hertforshire in the UK in 1870, John Reginald Goodman, was always known as Reginald. He married another prominent artist Kathleen Dix in 1899, a well known miniature portrait painter and was exhibited in the RA. John Goodman studied under the eminent watercolor artist Wilfred Ball before embarking on an overseas […]

Godefroy Louis

Louis Godefroy 1885-1934 Crouis Pur le Cafe au platane Salonique 1923 etching

A French etcher, painter and arts scholar, Louis Godefroy first studied art in Paris under Caro-Delvaille. His first attempts at etching took place in 1905 and his first work of art in this medium was published in 1906. Throughout most of his career, Godefroy’s etchings were published in Paris by Marcel Guiot. A constant traveler, […]

Glišić Dragomir

Born on 01.03.1872 in Valjevo, died on 17.06.1957 in Belgrade. Studied art that the Serbian Painting and Drawing School (1895-98) at prof. Kiril Kutlik, and later at the Art Academy in Munich (1899-1904). He was a major Serbian war painter and photographer in the Balkan wars and the Great war, traveling at first with the […]

Giudjenov Dimitar

Dimitar Giudzenov 1891-1979 Battle on the bridge of the Black Drim River Struga 1915 oil

Born on 26th January 1891 in Stara Zagora, died on 25th August 1979 in Sofia. Son of the artist Atanas Gudzenov. In 1915 graduated from the Arts Industrial School in Sofia, in the class of Prof. Tzeno Todorov. At the same time /1913 – 1915/ he had been student at the National School of Fine […]

Gilbert Charles


Born on Schaarbeek in 1906, died in 2000. Charles Gilbert was Belgian expressionist  known for his light color palette who lived in Paris between 1918 and 1931, later lived in Luik (Liege). Worked as a teacher of graphic art between 1961-1971 and later as Director of the Art Academy in Liege. In the 1950s he […]

Gibbings Robert


Born in Cork, Ireland 23 March 1889 – died Oxford 19 January 1958, Robert Gibbings was an Irish artist and author who was most noted for his work as a wood carver and engraver and for his books on travel and natural history. He overcome the opposition of his parents to study art briefly at […]

Gessner Richard

Turkish Bazaar, Uskub 1919. watercolor

Born on 29th of July 1894 in Augsburg, died on 13th of February 1989 in Dusseldorf. He was a German painter and co-founder of the important German expressionist artist circle known as „Das Junge Rheinland“.  He studied from 1913 at the Düsseldorf Academy with Leo Spatz and Max Clarenbach.  During the first world war, he […]