Parthenis Кonstantinos

Кonstantinos Parthenis 1878 1967 Mount Pangaion Kushnica Macedonia 1904 oil on canvas 18 x 18 cm.

Konstantinos Parthenis (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Παρθένης; 10 May 1878 – 25 July 1967) was a distinguished Greek painter, born in Alexandria. Parthenis broke with the Greek academic tradition of the 19th century and introduced modern elements together with traditional themes, like the figure of Christ, in his art. Konstantinos Parthenis was born to an Italian mother […]

Romanidis Constantinos

Born in Athens in 1884 and he died in 1972. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Nikephoros Lytras, K. Volanakis and G. Roilos. He mainly painted landscapes and seascapes, with a strong intention to handle the light and the atmosphere of countryside in an impressionistic way. Considerable parts of his work are […]

Maleas Constantinos


Born and grew up in Constantinople. He studied at the Phanar Greek Orthodox College and then left for Paris in 1901 to study initially architecture. In Paris he eventually decided to study painting until 1908 near Henri Martin. In 1913 he returned to Greece, initially in Thessaloniki and then based in Athens. In 1917 he […]

Argyros Oumbertos

Oumbertos Argyros (1882 -1963), Snowy Village, Macedonia

Born in Kavala in 1882, died in Athens in 1963. He was a major Greek impressionist. Argyros studied at the Art School of Athens in the class of Nikiphoros Lytras. During the World war 2, he was an official government war artist from the Greek-Italian front. His paintings can be found in the Military Museum […]