Ivanović Ljubomir

Ljubomir Ivanovic 1882-1945 In front of a bakery in Struga 1937 drawing

Born and died in Belgrade. He was an important Serbian painter from the so called “First Generation of Serbian Impressionists”. Upon advice of the painter Djordje Krstic, he started studying art at the Serbian Drawing and Painting School. Later he studied at the Munich Art Academy (1905-1909) in the class of prof. Ludwig Levc and […]

Ivanov Ivan


Born 1879 in Vidin, died in Sofia in 1966. Studied at the National Art School in the class of Prof. Ivan Mrkvicka. Upon graduation, he went to Bucharest. Graduated from the Bucharest Art Academy in the class of Prof. Kostandi and Prof. Gropyano. Ivan Ivanov a military artist traveling through Macedonia during the First and […]

Ionchev Christo


Born on 20-03-1879 in Samokov, died on 07-05-1950 in Sofia. Studied fine art at the Industrial Art school in Sofia in the class of prof. Ivan Angelov and prof. Ivan Mrkvicka. Visited and worked also in Munich. Lived mainly in Samokov. He painted mainly landscapes, developing his own landscape style, emphasizing the beauty of the […]