Jovančević Branislav

          The mastery of woodcarving, which is perhaps the greatest Macedonian artistic pride, would have been completely lost if the Serbian academic sculptor Branislav Jovancevic (1885-1949) had not come to Macedonia.           The pearls of the Macedonian carving were created in the first half of the XIX […]

Jungnickel Heinrich Ludwig


Born on 22-07-1881 in Wunsiedel, died on 14-02-1965 in Vienna. He was most famous Austrian animal painters. At first, he studied at the Munich School of Arts and Crafts. In 1898 after a yearlong stay in Italy he went to Vienna where he studied with Christian Griepenkerl at the Academy of Fine Arts and later […]

Jovanović Paja

Paja Jovanović (Paul Joanovitch) was a renowned Serbian painter, exponent of academic realism. He was born in Vrsac in 1859. He learned painting skills in Vienna Academy of Art and spent most of his life between Belgrade and Vienna. Jovanović was renowned portrait painter, amongst numerous portraits he made were portraits of Austrian emperor Franz […]

Jouve Paul


Born in Bourron-Marlotte on 1880, died in Paris in 1973. His father August Jouve was also a painter and a friend of Vincent van Gogh. Encouraged by his father, Paul Jouve spent a considerable amount of time during his childhood and youth drawing in Paris main botanical garden and Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle. By age […]

Japp Napier Darsie


Painter of landscapes and figure compositions. Born 17 February 1883 at Liverpool. Educated at St John’s College, Oxford. Worked in his father’s shipping office in the City 1904–7 and attended Lambeth School of Art at night under Philip Connard. Studied at the Slade School 1908–9. Served as Major in the Royal Field Artillery during the […]

Jouanneau dit Irriera Roger


French Orientalist, painter, illustrator and cartoonist. Born in Bordeaux 1884, but he considered himself as a Parisian. Traveled through the Orient and served the French army in the world wars, for which he gained many military awards. He has created more than 300 works of art illustrating the scenes where the French army fought. His […]