Lear Edward


Born in Highgate (London), England on 12.05.1812 ( as 20th from 21 children), died in San Remo, Italy  on 29.01.1885, Edward Lear was an English artist, illustrator, author and poet , renowned for literary nonsense in poetry and prose. His father was a failed stockbroker, and his mother rejected him, such that he was brought […]

Lambert-Jean Rucki


Born in Cracow, Poland in 1888. Studied at the Fine Arts Academy of Cracow before he moved to Paris in 1911. With the beginning of World War One he volunteered as a foreigner in the French army and sent in 1914 to the Dardanelles front before going to Salonique, where he worked at the restoration […]

Lamb Henry


The son of the mathematician, Horace Lamb, he was born in Adelaide, South Australia, but the family moved to Manchester in 1885. After attending Manchester Grammar School, he started medical training at Owen’s College. In 1905 he left his medical studies and went to London where he entered the Chelsea School of Art. Over the […]

Lach ‘Fritz’ Friedrich


Born on 29.05.1868 in Linz, died on 09.10.1933 in Vienna. Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Lach is considered as one of the best Austrian watercolorists. He was a nephew of the well-known flower and still-life painter Andreas Lach. Studied at the Trade School in Linz from 1882 to 1885 and later at the Cadet School  in Vienna. Until […]