Lemasson Albert

Albert Lemasson (1892-1982) Thessaloniki street scene, 1917, watercolor

Albert Lemasson was born on August 29, 1892 in Saint-Mars-du-Désert in Loire-Atlantique. He was exempted from military service in 1913, then paid to the Auxiliary Service from May 1917 to July 1919. Period during which he spent some time in the region of Salonika and from which he brought back drawings and watercolors. Demobilized on […]

Lazhechnikov Ivanovych Oleksandr

Oleksandr Ivanovych Lazhechnikov 1870 – 1944 Ohrid 1925 oil on panel

Russian painter and graphic artist. Born in Moscow. In 1897 – 1901 he studied at the Higher Art School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in the studio of A. Kiselyov. In 1901 received the title of artist. Participated in spring exhibitions of the Academy of Arts, Peredvizhniki (1900 […]

Léon Auguste

Auguste Léon 1857-1942 Ohrid 1913 Autochrome photography

French photographer who worked for the project “Archives of the Planet” (French: Les Archives de la Planète) of millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn (1860-1940) since 1909. Together with Jean Brin, another French photographer, they visited Macedonia during the Balkan wars in the period of 1912-1913 where they made series of autochromes (very first […]

Lűschwitz–Koreffski Arnold


Born in Berlin in 1869 died in Berlin around 1930, Arnold Lűschwitz -Koreffski was a German / Polish painter and illustrator who traveled through the Balkans and the Orient in the early 20th century. He was probably a war painter, since he generated many portraits of German and other military portraits. He visited Macedonia, once […]

Lukateli Anton


Born in Herceg Novi, died in Belgrade. Anton Lukateli was Montenegrin painter, film scenarist and art teacher. He had Italian Origin, from a noble family Locatelli from Milan, who was moving along the Adriatic Coast and situated in Boka Kotor bay, helping the Serbs to defend against the Turks. When the World War 2 started, […]

Lubarda Petar

Born in Ljubotinj near Cetinje, 27.07.1907, died in Belgrade on 13.02.1974. Petar Lubarda was a Montenegrin Serb painter, considered to be an influential figure on post-war painting in former Yugoslavia. He studied painting in Belgrade and Paris. From 1932 until his death he lived in Belgrade, with exception of period 1946 – 1950 when he […]

Lozev Hristo


Bulgarian artist. Born in Lozengrad, died in Sofia. Designed the first post stamp with face of Vasil Levski in 1929. Visited Ohrid around 1918 where he produced several drawings of Ohrid landscape. One of them was sold by the Auction House Victoria, Sofia, Bulgaria on 8 October 2009 (lot number 105).

Loti Pierre

The French novelist and illustrator Pierre Loti (1850-1923) is noted for his picturesque romances, abounding in descriptions of the exotic spots he visited in a lifetime of travel. He was born Julien Viaud at Rochefort on Jan. 14, 1850, to Protestant parents. Deeply religious as a child, he lost his faith during adolescence, and in […]

Lobel-Riche Almery


The painter and engraver Almery Lobel-Riche was born on 03.05.1880 in Geneva, Switzerland to parents of French descent. He is widely recognized for his images of elite society during the “Belle Epoque” as well as his numerous book illustrations. Lobel-Riche began his artistic studies at the École des Beaux Arts in Montpelier and continued them […]

Lesser Rudi

Rudi Lesser (1901 – 1988) Skopje, lithography

Born and died in Berlin, Germany. Rudy Lesser was German expressionist mainly active as watercolor and graphic artist. He was a student of prof. Hans Meid. In 1933 he immigrated to the Scandinavian countries (Denmark and Sweden) in order to escape from the emerging Nazi regime. From 1946 until 1956 he lived in USA, where […]