Martel Charles

Charles Martel (1869-1922) Ostrovo near Voden, 1919, watercolor

Born in Argentan 1869, died in Avignon 1922. Little is known about this painter. The Centre Pompidou in Paris possess a collection of watercolors of Thessaloniki and Aegean Macedonia made in the period 1916-1919. Some of these watercolors have been reproduced in the French Works War One magazines. He was probably a soldier in the […]

Miličević Kosta

Kosta Miličević (1877 – 1920) Tower of innkeeper Janja with poplar trees , Veles 1915, oil on canvas

Kosta Miličević (Cyrillic: Коста Миличевић; 3 June 1877, Vrakë, near Shkodër – 12 February 1920, Belgrade) was a Serbian Impressionist painter, known mostly for landscapes. He was born to a clerical family, with a history of service in the priesthood. As a young man, he went to Belgrade, where he studied with Cyril Kutlík , […]

Milivojević Milica

Milica Milić Milivojević (1889-1963) Landscape in Ohrid 1920, oil on canvas

Milica Milić Milivojević. Born on 29.3.1889 in Jagodina, Serbia. Daughter of the general of the Serbian and later divisional general of the Yugoslav army, Ljubomir Milić (1861—1949). After graduating from high school in Belgrade, she studied painting at the Art Academies in Munich (1906 to 1911), and then, until 1914, in Paris. During the World […]

Mantegazza Vico


Vico Mantegazza, (Milan, 22.1.1856 – Milan, 28.10.1934) was an Italian writer, journalist, photographer, and politician. He is considered the special Italian envoy to Balkan since 1886 where he made numerous reportages. He was director of the “Nation” from 1894 to 1898. Although he was more a politician than artist, he “earned” his place in this […]

Moss Dennant Sidney


Born in Ipswich and was a painter of landscapes and town scenes in watercolor. He exhibited over 150 works, particularly at the Beaux Arts Gallery, Fine Art Society, Glasgow Institute, The Walker Gallery, Liverpool and in London at the Royal Academy of Arts (RA), Royal Society of British Artists (RBA), Royal Institute of Painters in […]

Morozov Petar


Born on 22.01.1880 in Ruse. Graduated from the School of Arts in Sofia, art of painting in 1905. His instructors were Iv. Mrkvichka, Y. Veshin, Iv. Angelov. For the period 1905 – 1915 he specialized graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, with Hubert and at the Industrial School of Arts in Sofia […]

Morgner Wilhelm


Born in Soest on 27.01.1891. From 1908 studied at the private painting school of Georg Tappert in Worpswede. The work Morgner did in that early period was often highly realistic and frequently heavy and dark in mood. Tappert and Morgner became close friends during the brief year of training. During this early phase from 1911, […]

Mishev Vasilev Vladimir


Bulgarian artist active in the region of Ludogorie, Pirin Macedonia at the end of 19th century. His painting “Iljo Malevski” is in the collection of the art gallery “Prof. Ilija Petrov” in Razgrad, Bulgaria.

Milovanović Milan


Born on 19.10.1876 in Krushevac, died on 15.08.1946 in Belgrade. Milan Milovanović was extraordinarily educated artist when compared to his contemporaries. He went through five different art schools, graduated two academies and had nearly ten different teachers: pupil of Kiril Kutlik 1895-96, A. Azhbe 1897, Munich Academy of Fine Arts whеre he graduated in 1902, […]

Milosavljević Stevan

Born on 01.10.1881 in Opovo, died on 09.05.1926 in Panchevo. From 1900-04 he was a teacher in Omoljnica (Province of Banat, Serbia). He attended Art School in Budapest in 1904/5 and in 1905 he enrolled at the Fine Art Academy in Munich. Graduates in 1908. In the First World War he was a war painter […]