Lukateli Anton


Born in Herceg Novi, died in Belgrade. Anton Lukateli was Montenegrin painter, film scenarist and art teacher. He had Italian Origin, from a noble family Locatelli from Milan, who was moving along the Adriatic Coast and situated in Boka Kotor bay, helping the Serbs to defend against the Turks. When the World War 2 started, […]

Bocarić Anastas

Important Montenegrin artist, born in Budva 1864, died in Peraste 1944. He studied art in Athens and Thessaloniki. Lived in Cetinje, worked as a royal court portrait painter. Lived and worked as art teacher in Skopje from 1906 to 1909 after which he moved to Thessaloniki until 1911, where he stayed for one year. In […]