Rohe Alice

Alice Rohe (1876-1957), “Snaps of Macedonia” photos, 1920, published in Travel. New York : Robert McBride & Company, 1920, vol. 35, no. 1, p. 11.

Alice Rohe (January 15, 1876 – April 7, 1957) was an American author and journalist. She became a newspaper writer in the 1890s and after joined Theta Sigma Phi, the first American journalism association for women in communications. During World War I, Rohe works as the first female overseas bureau chief for a major American […]

Ruzicka Pavle

Pavle Ruzicka (1888-1965) Ohrid 1940, pencil drawing

Born in Petrovaradin 1888, died in Novi Sad 1965. Pavle Ruzicka was important Serbian painter from Vojvodina province. He painted frescoes in the Novi Sad city hall in 1907. There is a record of an art exhibition at the Art School in Novi Sad from June 1934 in which we can see that Ruzicka painted […]

Ruep Joseph

Joseph Ruep 1886-1940 Saloniki bay Zeppelin map 1917

Born on 10 April 1886 in Isny, died in 1940 in Bad Hindelang. Studied art in Kempten and started to work in a map company in Isny. In 1915 he moved to Munich where he designed remarkable aerial topographic maps of Germany. There he got coaching from prof. Karl Doehlmann. He fully focused on cards […]

Rubev Hristov Georgi

Georgi Hristov Rubev 1894-1975 Ohrid Lake 1942 oil on canvas

Born in Sliven died in Tabor, Czech Republic. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1916. After that he continues his education at the Prague Art Academy, and he continues to live there. He was a painter of landscapes and seascapes. Georgi Hristov Rubev, visited at least Ohrid region in 1942, where […]

Rosteutscher Emmo Erich


Born on 04.04.1886 in Neise, Germany. Studied art at the Art Academy in Breslau established in Scharbeutz. A wall painting of him can be found in the Commertz Bank in Berlin. Lived and worked mainly in Hamburg. Erich Emmo Rosteutscher visited Macedonia during the World War 1. One drawing entitled Veles Macedonia is in the […]

Rőmer Max

Max Rőmer 1878-1960 Drawings from Macedonia Skopje-Strumica-Valandovo Thessaloniki-1918

Born in Hamburg on 22.11.1878, died on 18.06.1960 in Funchal, Portugal. Took painting classes at the Art academy in Berlin and Hamburg. Later worked in the Paris studio of prof. Otto Ludwig Sinding (1842-1909) and was also student of the Norwegian painter Johan Fredrik Ekkersberg (1822-1870). Decorated the Dresden Bank and Berlin Town Hall. Later […]

Romanidis Constantinos

Born in Athens in 1884 and he died in 1972. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Nikephoros Lytras, K. Volanakis and G. Roilos. He mainly painted landscapes and seascapes, with a strong intention to handle the light and the atmosphere of countryside in an impressionistic way. Considerable parts of his work are […]

Rocholl Theodor


Theodor Rocholl is perhaps the most famous German war painter. Born in Saschenberg in 1854, died in a car accident in Dusseldorf in 1933. He was a student in Munich in 1877, then at the Dresden Academy. After a year, he moved to Munich where he studied historical painting under Karl von Piloty. He completed […]

Richter-Berlin Heinrich


Born on 23.04.1884 in Berlin, died on 26.01.1981 in Berlin. A German stage designer and painter studied at the Berlin Academy 1902/3 and took part in the famous “Berlin Secession” movement that year which brought him an expulsion from the school. During the 1909/10 lived and worked in Paris together with Picasso, Braque and Otto […]

Reich Albert


Born in Neumarkt 1889, died in Munich 1942, Albert Reich was well known German war painter and illustrator. During the war, he was in the German Alpine Corps. He was also illustrator for the German children magazine: “Kriegsblatter fur die deutsche Jugend“ (War magazine for German Youth), magazine that was publishing patriotic stories for children. […]