Székely Josef

Josef Székely 1838 1901 St Sophia mosque 1863

The Viennese photographer Dr. Josef Székely (1838-1901) was born in Sümeg near Lake Balaton in western Hungary and went to school in Szombathely. He then attended the University of Vienna and graduated in 1860 with a masters in pharmacy and in 1862 with a doctorate in chemistry. He taught at the university for a time, […]

Svečnjak Vilim

Vilim Svecnjak (1906-1993) Gipsy houses in Skopje, 1948, oil on canvas

Born and died in Zagreb, Svečnjak is considered as one of the most important Croatian painters. He enrolled the Art Academy in 1927 first in the sculpture department under the guidance of Ivan Mestrovic, Rudolf Vladec and Ivo Kerdic. In this period, he accepts the Mаrxistic teaching and becomes an active member of the Communist […]

Šuput Bogdan

Bogdan Suput 1914-1948 Kratovo 1936 watercolor

Born and died in Novi Sad. Serbian Painter from the province of Vojvodina. Studied art in Novi Sad, later in the Art Academy in Belgrade (1932-36) department for аrt teachers. Lived and worked in Paris 1938/39 after which he returned to Novi Sad. Made several drawings from Ohrid, Struga and Kratovo in 1930s. Killed by […]

Suisse Gaston


Born on 1st December 1898 in Paris, died on 7th March 1988 in Paris, Gaston Suisse was considered, together with Paul Jouve as one of the most important French animal/nature painters. Graduated in 1913 from the Ecole Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Paris. He got in touch with the nature/animal works of Paul Jouve […]

Stewart A.J.


Illustrator for the reputable magazine “The Graphic”. Was present at the Thessaloniki front. His illustrations:” On the Road to Nigrita” (Aegean Macedonia), “The Mahmudly Pass: A stiff Turn”, and “A halt on the road to Nigrita” have been published in The Graphic magazine on December 22, 1917.

Steinhardt Jacob

Jacob Steinhardt (1887–1968) was a painter and woodcut artist, who worked mainly in woodcuts depicting biblical and other Jewish subjects. Born in Zerkow, Germany, he immigrated to Israel during 1933. He studied at the School of Art in Berlin in 1906, then studied painting with Louis Corinth and engraving with Hermann Struck in 1907. From […]

Steps. F


Unidentified, presumably German war painter, who painted several gouaches and drawings from Skopje, Veles and other Macedonian cities in 1916 which are in the collection of the author of this lexicon

Stanyo Stamatov


Born on 16th February 1887 in the village Shipka, Bulgaria, diеd on 17th January 1963 in Munich, Germany. Studied art in 1911 at the Art School in Sofia in the class of Prof. Ivan Mrkvicka. Specialized in art in Germany in the period 1925-27 and France 1926. He was an exceptionally productive artist, having more […]

Staikov Vesselin


Born on 31.07.1906 in Peshtera, Bulgaria, died on 10.07.1970 in Vienna, Austria. Studied at the Academy of Art in Sofia in 1925 in the class of prof. Boris Mitov and Nikola Marinov. Started his career with printing works and his first exhibition was in 1933 in the Printing House in Sofia. Won several international prizes […]

Spenser Gilbert


Younger brother of Sir. Stanley Spencer, born on 04.08.1892 in Cookham, Berkshire, died on 14.01.1979. Studied art at the Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, the Royal College of Art (wood carving) 1911-12, and the Slade School of Fine Art 1913-15. During the First World War, he served with the Royal Army Medical Corps initially […]