Jovančević Branislav

          The mastery of woodcarving, which is perhaps the greatest Macedonian artistic pride, would have been completely lost if the Serbian academic sculptor Branislav Jovancevic (1885-1949) had not come to Macedonia.           The pearls of the Macedonian carving were created in the first half of the XIX […]

Pijade Moša

Moša Pijade (1890-1957), Photo with Tito during WW2

Moša Pijade (Serbian Cyrillic: Мoшa Пијаде, alt. Eng. transliteration Moshe Piade; 4 January 1890 – 15 March 1957), nicknamed Čiča Janko (Чича Јанко, lit. “Old Man Janko”) was a Serbian and Yugoslav communist, a close collaborator of Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslav politician, and full member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Pijade was […]

Miličević Kosta

Kosta Miličević (1877 – 1920) Tower of innkeeper Janja with poplar trees , Veles 1915, oil on canvas

Kosta Miličević (Cyrillic: Коста Миличевић; 3 June 1877, Vrakë, near Shkodër – 12 February 1920, Belgrade) was a Serbian Impressionist painter, known mostly for landscapes. He was born to a clerical family, with a history of service in the priesthood. As a young man, he went to Belgrade, where he studied with Cyril Kutlík , […]

Valić Jovančić (Bosa) Bosiljka

Bosa Valić – Jovančić (1897 – 1971) Ohrid 1935, oil on canvas

The author was educated in Belgrade and Prague with Vlaho Bukovac. She exhibited independently in Belgrade in 1933, and in groups in Cvijeta Zuzorić in 1934, as well as at the Sixth Spring and Autumn Exhibition of Yugoslav Artists, the Tenth Spring Exhibition, under the auspices of Prince Pavle, and the Exhibition of Serbian Artists […]

Milivojević Milica

Milica Milić Milivojević (1889-1963) Landscape in Ohrid 1920, oil on canvas

Milica Milić Milivojević. Born on 29.3.1889 in Jagodina, Serbia. Daughter of the general of the Serbian and later divisional general of the Yugoslav army, Ljubomir Milić (1861—1949). After graduating from high school in Belgrade, she studied painting at the Art Academies in Munich (1906 to 1911), and then, until 1914, in Paris. During the World […]

Vukanović Beta

Beta Vukanović (1872– 1972) St. Jovan Kaneo church, Ohrid, oil on canvas 1926

Born on 18th April 1872 in Bamberg Germany as Babet Bahmeijer, died on 31st October 1972 in Belgrade. She is considered as one of the most important Serbian plain-air impressionist. She started her artistic education in 1890 in the private art school of Carl Mar, and Anton Ažbe in Munich. There she met her future […]

Šuput Bogdan

Bogdan Suput 1914-1948 Kratovo 1936 watercolor

Born and died in Novi Sad. Serbian Painter from the province of Vojvodina. Studied art in Novi Sad, later in the Art Academy in Belgrade (1932-36) department for аrt teachers. Lived and worked in Paris 1938/39 after which he returned to Novi Sad. Made several drawings from Ohrid, Struga and Kratovo in 1930s. Killed by […]

Ruzicka Pavle

Pavle Ruzicka (1888-1965) Ohrid 1940, pencil drawing

Born in Petrovaradin 1888, died in Novi Sad 1965. Pavle Ruzicka was important Serbian painter from Vojvodina province. He painted frescoes in the Novi Sad city hall in 1907. There is a record of an art exhibition at the Art School in Novi Sad from June 1934 in which we can see that Ruzicka painted […]

Radulović Branko

Important Bosnian impressionist. Born in Mostar 1885, died in Skopje 1916. Studied art at the Serbian Drawing School in Belgrade under guidance of Ristа and Beta Vukanović. Later he moved to Prague where he graduated from the Fine Art Academy in 1911. He was a student of Vlaho Bukovac and prof Zhenishek. He also played […]

Popović Branko


Born in Uzice, Serbia in 1882, died in Belgrade (shot by the Partisans) in 1944. One of the most prominent Serbian artists. Studied at the Technical University Belgrade in 1905 and later at the Art Academy in Munich until 1909. His education continued in Paris between 1909-1912. He was a war painter in the period […]