Klee Paul


Born in Munchenbuchsee, Switzerland in 1879. He studied art at the Munich Art Academy (1898-1901) and later became associated with the Blaue Reiter group. Klee lived in Germany during the First World War and in 1916 was called up by the German Army. He was not sent to the front-line and spent some of his […]

Boissonnas Frėdėric

Frederic Boissonnas (1858 -1946) Photos from the book” L’Image de la Serbie » 1919

Important Swiss art photographer who came from artist family from Geneva. In 1887 Boissonnas became a member of the Geneva Photographic Society. He traveled to Greece many times and was hired by the Greek government in the 1910s to create an album entitled “The images of Greece”. His art photographs of Thessaloniki, Skopje, Prilep, Bitola, […]

Amiguet Marcel

Marcel Amiguet (1891-1958), Mazedonische Marktszene mit Bauern vor Moschee (1929)

Swiss painter, traveler, musician and theoretical researcher for music and art. Born on 24-07-1891 in Ollon and died on 10.08.1958in Ollon. After living for many years in Paris, Marcel Amiguet departs on a long journey from 1929 until 1932, travelling through Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Cyclades, Syria, Iraq, Persia, Baluchistan and Kasmir, up to Bombay. […]