Titirinov Strahil

Strahil Titirinov (1905-1961) Ohrid Lake, 1941, watercolor

Born January 3, 1905. in Kilkis (Kukush), Aegean Macedonia, died in 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of  prof. Nikola Ganushev and prof. Dimitar Gudzhenov. He was a military painter during the Second World War in Macedonia where he made a series of watercolors […]

Tsankov Maxim

Born on 14th November 1877 in Razgrad, died in 1965. He studied at the art academy “Albertina” in Torino, Italy, in the class of prof. Giacomo Grosso and Prof. Marccisio. He visited Vardar Macedonia before the Second World War and Pirin Macedonia regularly between the two world wars. Several paintings from Macedonia regions can be […]

Trangmar Frank Charles


British etcher and watercolorist. Member of the British Watercolor Society. Trangmar studied at Brighton School of Art and then the Royal College of Art. He became an art teacher and later Headmaster of Salisbury School of Art, the Principle of Ealing School of Arts and Crafts, living in Cambourne Avenue, London. He exhibited between 1927 […]

Traichev Georgi


Born on 02.03.1880 died 29.10.1935. He was an important Bulgarian photographer and a creator of the Photography department of the Bulgarian National Museum (for which he worked from 1914 until his death in 1935). His photographs have been published in the articles of Bogdan Filov, Andrei Protic, Nikola Mavrodinov, etc. He produced a collection of […]

Touchet Jacques

Jacques Touchet 1887-1949 Salonique 1917 lithography

Born on 17.09.1887 in Paris, died on 23.11.1949 in Paris. He was a student of Paul Renouard and Louis Morin. Worked as an illustrator for the famous magazine L’Illustration. His books “Sketches of a Prisoner of War” containing 24 color drawings and “Petits métiers de Salonique” (Small businesses in Thessaloniki) containing 12 lithographies was published […]

Thil Jeanne

Jeanne Thil 1887- 1968 Fontaine a Yéni Koulé Salonique gouache

Born on 18.12.1887 in Calais, lived and worked in Paris. Student of Humbert and Charles Fouqueray and the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She exhibited in the Salon of French Artists since 1911. She was largely influenced of the style of Ch. Fouqueray, mainly his large historical subjects. Since 1921 she started travelling, […]

Thielen Herman

Herman Thielen 1867-1930 Turkish bet house in Opaje ink drawing

Born in 1867 in Berlin, died 1930 in Dusseldorf. German painter and etcher. He had several successful exhibitions in 1907 and 1908. He is registered in several German art lexicons (Thieme –Becher, Dressler, 1937 etc.) Thielen visited Macedonia during the First World War, likely as military painter. His ink drawings from the villages of Opaje, […]

Tanev Nikola

Nikola Tanev 1890 -1962 St.Ioan Monastery on the Ohrid Lake 1918 watercolor

Born on 05.12.1890 in Svishtov village, died on 23.06.1962 in Sofia. From 1905 he lived in France where he studied at the Paris Academy of Decorative Arts in the class of Prof. Pаul Renoir and Prof. Manzhan. Tanev is one of the most prominent Bulgarian artists. He has had 28 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria and […]