Vidal André

André Vidal (1880-1940) Village Buf near Florina (Lerin)~ 1915 oil on canvas

Little known French painter. He was professor at the Gymnasium in Bordeaux (Lycée de Bordeaux). He was a student of Cormon at the Fine art academy in Paris (l’école des Beaux-Arts de la rue Bonaparte à Paris), where he drawn and painted portrait on the street to pay for the academy costs. There are several […]

Valić Jovančić (Bosa) Bosiljka

Bosa Valić – Jovančić (1897 – 1971) Ohrid 1935, oil on canvas

The author was educated in Belgrade and Prague with Vlaho Bukovac. She exhibited independently in Belgrade in 1933, and in groups in Cvijeta Zuzorić in 1934, as well as at the Sixth Spring and Autumn Exhibition of Yugoslav Artists, the Tenth Spring Exhibition, under the auspices of Prince Pavle, and the Exhibition of Serbian Artists […]

Vukanović Beta

Beta Vukanović (1872– 1972) St. Jovan Kaneo church, Ohrid, oil on canvas 1926

Born on 18th April 1872 in Bamberg Germany as Babet Bahmeijer, died on 31st October 1972 in Belgrade. She is considered as one of the most important Serbian plain-air impressionist. She started her artistic education in 1890 in the private art school of Carl Mar, and Anton Ažbe in Munich. There she met her future […]

Voltchaneski Vsevolod


Vsevolod Vladimirovitch Votchaneski (or as he signed V. Volchanecki) Russian painter who lived with his British wife Alisson Bell Chambers in Dubrovnik in 1920s and 1930s and made many paintings and watercolors of traditional folk dresses of Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia. There are several postcards from 1920s with reproductions of his paintings depicting various folk […]

Velkov Simeon


Born on 11.04.1885 in Panagyrishte, died on 10.09.1963 in Sofia. Graduated (1910) painting from the Industrial School of Arts, Sofia, in the class of Prof. Ivan Mrkvichka. Visited many museums in Italy and Germany. High School teacher in Plovdiv and Asenovgrad (until 1923), Professor (1926 till 1947) at the Art Academy in Sofia. During the […]

Vaszary Miklós János


János Miklós Vaszary (30 November 1867 – 19 April 1939) was a Hungarian painter and graphic artist. He was born into a prominent Catholic family in Kaposvár. His uncle was Kolos Ferenc Vaszary, the Archbishop of Esztergom. His art studies began at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts under János Greguss. In 1887, he went […]

Valentin Andrė Etienne


Born in Paris on 20-01-1893, died in Rennes in 1940. He was a grandson of the French sculptor Jean Marie Valentin (1823-1896) and son of the French art teacher Alfred Valentin (1862-1928). Etienne Valentin was a French soldier and drawer. He got recruited by the French army in November 1913, serving in the 32nd Field […]