Titirinov Strahil

Strahil Titirinov (1905-1961) Ohrid Lake, 1941, watercolor

Born January 3, 1905. in Kilkis (Kukush), Aegean Macedonia, died in 1961 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of  prof. Nikola Ganushev and prof. Dimitar Gudzhenov. He was a military painter during the Second World War in Macedonia where he made a series of watercolors […]

Martel Charles

Charles Martel (1869-1922) Ostrovo near Voden, 1919, watercolor

Born in Argentan 1869, died in Avignon 1922. Little is known about this painter. The Centre Pompidou in Paris possess a collection of watercolors of Thessaloniki and Aegean Macedonia made in the period 1916-1919. Some of these watercolors have been reproduced in the French Works War One magazines. He was probably a soldier in the […]

Born Franz

Franz Born 1881 1917 German2

Franz Born is a German painter born in 1881 in Frankfurt. His father, Franz Jakob Bourne, was a sculptor and made the famous fountain in Wiesbaden. He studied painting in Munich in 1904/5 with Professor Fritz Hausmann, and then in Berlin with the famous Louis Corinth. He moved to the Schwalenberg district and is a […]

Lemasson Albert

Albert Lemasson (1892-1982) Thessaloniki street scene, 1917, watercolor

Albert Lemasson was born on August 29, 1892 in Saint-Mars-du-Désert in Loire-Atlantique. He was exempted from military service in 1913, then paid to the Auxiliary Service from May 1917 to July 1919. Period during which he spent some time in the region of Salonika and from which he brought back drawings and watercolors. Demobilized on […]

Vidal André

André Vidal (1880-1940) Village Buf near Florina (Lerin)~ 1915 oil on canvas

Little known French painter. He was professor at the Gymnasium in Bordeaux (Lycée de Bordeaux). He was a student of Cormon at the Fine art academy in Paris (l’école des Beaux-Arts de la rue Bonaparte à Paris), where he drawn and painted portrait on the street to pay for the academy costs. There are several […]

Peyrissac Jean

Jean Peyrissac (1895-1974) watercolor drawings from Macedonia 1917/1918 published in the book “En Macédoine sous la Montagne bleue - Campagne d'Orient 1917-1918”

Born in Cahors on September 29, 1895, and died on June 18, 1974, in Paris. French painter and plastic artist. He studied first medicine until the Great war started in 1914. He was first sent to the French front in Toulouse and then in 1917 with the Army of the orient to Macedonia in Thessaloniki […]

Adam Denovan Joseph

Joseph Denovan Adam Jnr (1881-1935) Macedonia Varda front, oil on canvas

Scottish animal painter, son of Joseph Denovan Adam (1841-1896). He worked with his father at Craigmill Farm and became an animal painter. Student at The Glasgow School of art from 1897 to 1899. and  listed in the School’s World War One Roll of Honour. During the World War One, he was obviously stationed with the […]

Zepdji Paul

Paul Zepdji (XIX-XX) “Bulgarian / Macedonian /Greek family from Thessaloniki” photograph, ~1890

Paul Zepdji was “The photographer of Thessaloniki” in de last decades of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th century. His photographs which depicted Thessaloniki street scenes and people from all ethnic groups have been reproduced in many 19th century postcards. Paul Zepdji was Armenian (like many pioneers photographers in the second […]

Parthenis Кonstantinos

Кonstantinos Parthenis 1878 1967 Mount Pangaion Kushnica Macedonia 1904 oil on canvas 18 x 18 cm.

Konstantinos Parthenis (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Παρθένης; 10 May 1878 – 25 July 1967) was a distinguished Greek painter, born in Alexandria. Parthenis broke with the Greek academic tradition of the 19th century and introduced modern elements together with traditional themes, like the figure of Christ, in his art. Konstantinos Parthenis was born to an Italian mother […]

Rohe Alice

Alice Rohe (1876-1957), “Snaps of Macedonia” photos, 1920, published in Travel. New York : Robert McBride & Company, 1920, vol. 35, no. 1, p. 11.

Alice Rohe (January 15, 1876 – April 7, 1957) was an American author and journalist. She became a newspaper writer in the 1890s and after joined Theta Sigma Phi, the first American journalism association for women in communications. During World War I, Rohe works as the first female overseas bureau chief for a major American […]