A Secret code in Macedonian embroidery?


The geometry, colors, and aesthetics of traditional Macedonian embroidery has mesmerized all war painters that traveled through Macedonia or fought with their armies on Macedonian front during the Great War 1914-1918. Macedonian farmers dressed in traditional clothes are common subjects in their paintings.  But in one case, this inspiration went into a scenario that one […]

Konstantin Miladinov?
The Mystery of an old photograph from Ohrid


While searching for “Macedonian art” I run in June 2015 to a Romanian antique photos dealer, Mrs. Margarit Sorin from Bucharest Romania. From her vast collection of early 19th century photographs, she pulled out a mid-19de century portrait of a young modern moustache beard gentleman with a stamp in Vlach language at the back: “Gl. […]