Against All Odds

Against All Odds

          “When life throws you a lemon, throw it back” – a slogan written by American writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie in his bestseller book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” from 1948. Perhaps there is no better display of this philosophy than the life story of the German painter […]

Brothers with arms

Imperial War Museum. London art gallery

          Imperial War Museum (IWM) London, 2018. The preparation for a large exhibition with a title “Lest We Forget” to commemorate 100 years from the end of the Great War is at full steam. The team of the exhibition curator Laura Clouting is selecting the most important World War One paintings […]



          Berlin 24 June 1945. There have been 53 days since the end of The Battle of Berlin. The Russian red army defeated the Hitler’s defense, but the cost was astonishing. The Russians lost more than 81000 soldiers and 2000 tanks. Another 280 000 Russian soldiers were wounded. At the German […]

Camels in Skopje

János Vaszary (Kaposvár, 1867 – Budapest, 1939), Camel Caravan, Skopje 1916, oil on canvas in the collection of Hungarian National gallery.

It is May 14, 2019. I woke up with a new message from my “Macedonian art” internet search queries. The Hungarian auction house BÁV Zrt from Budapest is offering a large pastel drawing entitled “Scopie, Vardar with castle 916 II/6” from the Hungarian painter János Vaszary (Kaposvár, 1867 – Budapest, 1939) on their May 15th […]

The Degenerated

The Degenerated

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (German: Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien) was founded in 1692 as an Austrian response to Rome (Accademia di San Luca) and Paris (Académie de peinture et de sculpture) in the race for cultural influence in Europe. The mighty Austro-Hungarian empire realized that the regional power cannot be accomplished only […]

The Miss Stone Affair

1958 – A historic year for Macedonian cinematography

1958 – A historic year for Macedonian cinematography“Miss Stone” – the first Macedonian and Yugoslavian color film, shot in then-advanced “Totalscope” optical technology started to play in Macedonian cinemas. The film tells a story of almost forgotten “breaking news” from the very beginning of the 20th century: in September 1901, the American Methodist missionary Ellen […]

The teacher from Ohrid

The teacher from Ohrid

The project “Lexicon” started one December night in 2004. The family was sleeping, and I was doing my favorite evening hobby – searching for interesting paintings on internet. I came across a live online auction in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Among all sort of things, there was a dozen of gouache on paper drawings with description: […]

Lost in the firestorm of Dresden


At the begin of the 20th century the German city of Dresden was called “the Florence of the Elbe” and considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The magnificent baroque architecture the surrounding natural beauty of south valley of the river Elbe and the surrounding hills, the mild and pleasant climate and […]

A good item for your own Macedonian collection


Here is one tip for everyone who wants to start his own collection of Macedonia-related art and photographs from the period 1850-1950: a German book published in 1915 with a title “Bilder vom Mazedonischen Kriegsschauplatze” (Pictures from Macedonian battlefield). The book has been created upon an order of the German military general command and published […]

Where is the grave of Gerard Chowne?


For some painters, Macedonia was their final destination. Gerard Henry Tilson Chowne (1875 India – 1917 Macedonia) was a British painter that was educated at the Slade school of art and art academies in Paris and Rome. He became a teacher of painting at the Liverpool University and founder of Sandon Studios in Liverpool. Before […]