Exner Willy

Willy Exner 1888-1947 Oriental Beggar-Skopje 1917 oil on canvas

Born in 31st of January 1888, died on 10th of April 1947, Willy Exner was one of the most controversial German war painters in the First and Second World Wars. He started studying art in Breslay from 1902 until 1906. He made study trips to North Germany and Switzerland, and later in 1910 he was […]

Eskicevic Vasa

Vasa Eskicevic 1867-1933 Gruniski Vis Macedonia 1920

Vasa Eskicevic was academic painter, who learned painting in Vienna and in Russia, where he was among students of Ilja Rjepin. He is representative of style of academic realism. His works have documentary value, so their cultural and historical significance exceeds their artistic value. Aside of a painting, he was also a writer and a […]

Enea Nicolae

Nicu Enea 1897-1960 Fair in Skoplje 1933 oil on canvas 1927

Born in 1897 in Lucacesti, Bacau, dies in Bacau, Romania. Studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Bucharest under guidance of prof. G.D. Mirea but also attended the Free Academy of Painting under guidance of prof Jean Alexandru Stieradi, Gheorghe Petrascu and Anton Verona. His first exhibition is in 1925. In 1933 he had […]

Ehrenwerth Berthold

Berthold Ehrenwerth (1886-1944), Bulgarian beggars, Uskub 1927

Born in 1886 in Berlin and worked there. He was a pupil of Karl Koepping at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts, was awarded an academic Rome Prize.  Berthold Ehrenwerth was German Jew and he was killed by the Nazis somewhere between 1940 and 1945.  Literature: Dressler’s Kunsthandbuch, Berlin, 1921, P.123 Berthold Ehrenwerth visited Macedonia […]