Léon Auguste

Auguste Léon 1857-1942 Ohrid 1913 Autochrome photography

French photographer who worked for the project “Archives of the Planet” (French: Les Archives de la Planète) of millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn (1860-1940) since 1909. Together with Jean Brin, another French photographer, they visited Macedonia during the Balkan wars in the period of 1912-1913 where they made series of autochromes (very first […]

Valentin Andrė Etienne


Born in Paris on 20-01-1893, died in Rennes in 1940. He was a grandson of the French sculptor Jean Marie Valentin (1823-1896) and son of the French art teacher Alfred Valentin (1862-1928). Etienne Valentin was a French soldier and drawer. He got recruited by the French army in November 1913, serving in the 32nd Field […]

Touchet Jacques

Jacques Touchet 1887-1949 Salonique 1917 lithography

Born on 17.09.1887 in Paris, died on 23.11.1949 in Paris. He was a student of Paul Renouard and Louis Morin. Worked as an illustrator for the famous magazine L’Illustration. His books “Sketches of a Prisoner of War” containing 24 color drawings and “Petits métiers de Salonique” (Small businesses in Thessaloniki) containing 12 lithographies was published […]

Thil Jeanne

Jeanne Thil 1887- 1968 Fontaine a Yéni Koulé Salonique gouache

Born on 18.12.1887 in Calais, lived and worked in Paris. Student of Humbert and Charles Fouqueray and the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She exhibited in the Salon of French Artists since 1911. She was largely influenced of the style of Ch. Fouqueray, mainly his large historical subjects. Since 1921 she started travelling, […]

Suisse Gaston


Born on 1st December 1898 in Paris, died on 7th March 1988 in Paris, Gaston Suisse was considered, together with Paul Jouve as one of the most important French animal/nature painters. Graduated in 1913 from the Ecole Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Paris. He got in touch with the nature/animal works of Paul Jouve […]

Scott Georges


Born on 10.06.1873 in Paris. Georges Scott (a French citizen despite the English-sounding name) was a son of an engraver and illustrator. He was a student of Ed. Detaille. He started his career in the 1890s and worked as war correspondent for the newsmagazine ‘I’ Illustration’ during the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. When war broke […]

Salvat Francois


Born on 12.06.1892 in Amelies-Bains. Lived and worked in Paris. Student of Cormon. In 1936 he moved to Greece. Later in his career he was a well-known illustrator (he illustrated the books of Victor Hugo, Balzac etc.) and a director of the publishing house Éditions Grasset. His paintings can be found at the Museum of […]

Portier Marguerite

Marguerite Portier 1893-1992 Ochrida maison de Serbе watercolor

Born and lived in Lyon, travelled extensively through North Africa, Spain, Italy, The Balkans. She created a series of watercolors of Ohrid from 1930s (she labeled all the watercolors with Ohrid Serbia. One of these watercolors is in the collection of the author of this lexicon.

Point Armant


Born in Algiers, 23.10.1861; died in Marlotte, Seine-et-Marne, March 1932. Armand Point was very well-known French Symbolist painter and designer. He began his career painting the Algerian scenes of his youth, rendering Orientalist subjects—such as markets and musicians—with a distinctive, unaffected precision. In 1888 he went to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts […]

Pigassou Joseph


Born in Narbonne on 14.08.1878, died in Mas-Grenier in 1961. Amateur photographer and painter. Studied literature and philosophy at the Seminare in Narbonne. He wanted to be a professional painter, but under pressure of his family he studied medicine in Toulouse. He started to practice photography and watercolor painting first on his trip to Tunisia […]