Darrieux Charles-René

Charles-René Darrieux (1879-1958) “Ruelle à Salonique (1917)” oil on canvas

          Charles-René Darrieux is a painter born in July 1879 in Bordeaux and died in May 1958 in Clichy-la-Garenne. He was a student of the famous French painters Fernand Cormon , Marcel Baschet and François Schommer . He won the second Grand Prix de Rome in 1907.He regularly took part in […]

Préjelan René

René Préjelan (1877-1968) Wind from Vardar near Thessaloniki 1916, watercolor

René Ferret Préjelan, born in Perpignan 1877, died in 1968. Well known cartoonist and illustrator, creator of the so called “Little Women of Paris (petite femme de Paris)” which is recently rediscovered in favor of “pinupmania” for the French ladies from the 1920s. He collaborated on La Caricature, Fantasio, Le Rire, La Baîonnette, Fémina and […]

Martel Charles

Charles Martel (1869-1922) Ostrovo near Voden, 1919, watercolor

Born in Argentan 1869, died in Avignon 1922. Little is known about this painter. The Centre Pompidou in Paris possess a collection of watercolors of Thessaloniki and Aegean Macedonia made in the period 1916-1919. Some of these watercolors have been reproduced in the French Works War One magazines. He was probably a soldier in the […]

Lemasson Albert

Albert Lemasson (1892-1982) Thessaloniki street scene, 1917, watercolor

Albert Lemasson was born on August 29, 1892 in Saint-Mars-du-Désert in Loire-Atlantique. He was exempted from military service in 1913, then paid to the Auxiliary Service from May 1917 to July 1919. Period during which he spent some time in the region of Salonika and from which he brought back drawings and watercolors. Demobilized on […]

Vidal André

André Vidal (1880-1940) Village Buf near Florina (Lerin)~ 1915 oil on canvas

Little known French painter. He was professor at the Gymnasium in Bordeaux (Lycée de Bordeaux). He was a student of Cormon at the Fine art academy in Paris (l’école des Beaux-Arts de la rue Bonaparte à Paris), where he drawn and painted portrait on the street to pay for the academy costs. There are several […]

Peyrissac Jean

Jean Peyrissac (1895-1974) watercolor drawings from Macedonia 1917/1918 published in the book “En Macédoine sous la Montagne bleue - Campagne d'Orient 1917-1918”

Born in Cahors on September 29, 1895, and died on June 18, 1974, in Paris. French painter and plastic artist. He studied first medicine until the Great war started in 1914. He was first sent to the French front in Toulouse and then in 1917 with the Army of the orient to Macedonia in Thessaloniki […]

Léon Auguste

Auguste Léon 1857-1942 Ohrid 1913 Autochrome photography

French photographer who worked for the project “Archives of the Planet” (French: Les Archives de la Planète) of millionaire French banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn (1860-1940) since 1909. Together with Jean Brin, another French photographer, they visited Macedonia during the Balkan wars in the period of 1912-1913 where they made series of autochromes (very first […]

Valentin Andrė Etienne


Born in Paris on 20-01-1893, died in Rennes in 1940. He was a grandson of the French sculptor Jean Marie Valentin (1823-1896) and son of the French art teacher Alfred Valentin (1862-1928). Etienne Valentin was a French soldier and drawer. He got recruited by the French army in November 1913, serving in the 32nd Field […]

Touchet Jacques

Jacques Touchet 1887-1949 Salonique 1917 lithography

Born on 17.09.1887 in Paris, died on 23.11.1949 in Paris. He was a student of Paul Renouard and Louis Morin. Worked as an illustrator for the famous magazine L’Illustration. His books “Sketches of a Prisoner of War” containing 24 color drawings and “Petits métiers de Salonique” (Small businesses in Thessaloniki) containing 12 lithographies was published […]

Thil Jeanne

Jeanne Thil 1887- 1968 Fontaine a Yéni Koulé Salonique gouache

Born on 18.12.1887 in Calais, lived and worked in Paris. Student of Humbert and Charles Fouqueray and the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She exhibited in the Salon of French Artists since 1911. She was largely influenced of the style of Ch. Fouqueray, mainly his large historical subjects. Since 1921 she started travelling, […]