Huter Anton

Anton Huter 1095-1961 Ohrid oil on canvas

Born 23 August 1905 in Crkvenica, died on 7 March 1961 in Belgrade. Studied in 1927 at the Fine Art Academy in Belgrade, pupil of Lj. Ivanovic and M. Milovanovic. He made study trips to Paris in 1928, where he exhibited with the other Yugoslav painters. Member of “Oblik” and “Independent” art groups. His style […]

Huber Ernst

Born 15. July 1896 in Vienna, died on 26. Sept. 1960 in Vienna. His paintings were represented 1919 at the art association. From 1920 he was a member of the Viennese “Sonderbund” and from 1930 a member of the Viennese Secession. He traveled to Dalmatia, Orient / Palestine, Tunisia, South America, Peru, Chile, Columbia and […]

Houston Robert

Robert Houston RSW 1891-1942 Macedonian landscape 1917-1918 watercolor

Robert Houston was born in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire on 5th June 1891. He studied at Glasgow School of Art, where he was a contemporary of Gordon Thomas. He was a painter in oils and watercolors of mainly coastal scenery анд landscapes of the Britain’s west coast and western isles and Scottish lakes and figurative subjects. He […]

Hine Wickes Lewis

Lewis Wickes Hine 1874-1940 Turkish Boy in Salonika 1918

Probably one of the best American photographers of the early 20th century, Lewis Wickes Hine was more of a sociologist who used his camera as a tool for social reforms. His photographs of the construction of Empire State Building in the 1930 as well as his photographs of the immigrants arriving at the Ellis Island […]

Hielscher Kurt

Kurt Hilscher 1881-1948

Kurt Hielscher was one of the most famous German art photographers of his time. He was born in Striegau, Schlesien (Silesia, Poland) and died in Lichtenstein in Sachsen. He was a German language teacher in Spain during the first world war, where he made thousands of artistic photographs of Spanish landscapes. In the 1920s he […]

Hesshaimer Ludwig

Ludwig Hesshaimer 1872-1956

А very well-known Austrian painter and graphic artist of the late 19th – early 20th century. At first an officer, he soon started painting and served during the World War I as military painter in Serbia, Macedonia and Russia. Тhe First World War had a major impression on him. He created a recognizable style of […]

Hempfing Wilhelm

Born on 15.7. 1886 in Schönau/Heidelberg, died on  6. 6. 1948 in  Karlsruhe, Wilhelm Hempfing swas a German painter and printmaker who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe (just like his colleague student Emil Nolde) with Professor Friedrich Fehr. He was also an important and excellent etcher trained by Walter Conz at […]

Heckendorf Franz

Franz Heckendorf 1888-1962 In Saloniki 1916 etching

Born in Berlin on 5th November 1888, died in Munich on 17th August 1962. He studied at the Academy of Decorative Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts and had his first exhibitions in the Berlin Secession as early as in 1909. His first paintings were focused on impressionism and mainly showed motives he had […]

Hanzen Vasilievich Alexei

Alexis Hanzen 1876-1947 Shara Mountain near Skopje 1924

Born in Odessa on 2nd Febryary 1876, died in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 19th November 1937. Studied at Odessa Drawing School; at Imperial Academy of Arts until 1903; in Paris and Leipzig. He was active in Odessa and St. Petersburg until 1904; mostly abroad, especially Germany during 1904-1912. Alexis Hanzen worked in Odessa in 1912-1914 and […]

Hänel Georg

Georg Hänel 1879-1945 Prilep around 1918 watercolor

Born and died in Dresden (died in the very last hours of the Second World War from an strained bullet), Germany where he would remain for most of his life. Studied art at the Dresden Academy as a student of Bauzer and Bracht. Hänel sometimes featured figures in his works, although he was not known […]